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If you need a professional shooter, who's team centric and has a can-do attitude, read on. Delivering the goods - that's first and foremost. Attention to detail, taking the time to get the right shot, and giving each moment the love it needs to really come to life, that's my MO.
But it doesn't end there.
I'll ensure that each shot comes together seamlessly to form part of a cohesive whole - to move the story forward and to drive emotion.
I'm ready to join your team and make your next production shine.

Cinematography The role of the cinematographer is both technical and creative.
A good operator knows both sides and is fluent in both languages.

I'm a strong lateral thinker with a vibrant creative skill-set. Carrying a diploma in Digital Film making and over 6 years industry experience, working across small to large productions.

A diverse background in predominately technical fields, backed by years of team management skills puts me in a unique position to complement your next shoot.

Plus, I'm easy to work with and have a strong work ethic. I'm also damn chill.
High Maintenance? definitely not.
Why Me? Background Equipment Rates
After a successful 20 year career in technical related fields IT Systems repair, airline IT systems and network engineering, it was time to tip my hat at my creative passions and turn them in to a career.

Pursuing a career in filmmaking, I moved to Thailand for three years whilst completing a diploma in digital filmmaking with SAE Institute in Bangkok.

My career encompasses extensive and relevant technical skills with a strong creative drive as a filmmaker and photographer.

In short, I love what I do.
Why me? Background Equipment Rates
My current kit includes:

Backmagic Ursa mini pro g2 4.6k digital cinema camera

Canon L series lenses

Sony A7sii + Gimbal B-Cam setup

Sony a6500 camera for C-Cam or stills

Associated audio and grip support gear

3 point LED lighting kit (for interview style shoots)
Why me? Background Equipment Rates
I have a transparent pricing structure based on a competitive day rate for shooting and post production, including equipment rental

I am registered for GST and fully insured for public liability and equipment

Smash the button below for a quote on your job
(I'm really very friendly and don't bite!)
Why me? Background Equipment Rates Smash it!
A solid team player, ready to kick goals with your posse. See some Recent Projects

GET IN TOUCH NOW Contact me PROJECTS recent work I have been working in the world of videography and photography for 6 years now.
Every project has posed a unique challenge and I've aimed to deliver a unique solution.

I've worked with a wide range of teams from micro-budgets through to high end shoots. See some of the recent work I've completed with these clients below.
SHOAL ENGINEERING Recruitment video KINCOPPAL ROSE BAY Boarding services Advert INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP Rise Initiative launch video CHEEKI WATER BOTTLES Online video campaign ROYAL PRINCE ALFRED YACHT CLUB Club Advertisement HOLD THE PINEAPPLE Short film for SF3 Mobile phone film festival
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Make it
Make it

Let's work together. I'm hard working and passionate about creating impressive images - wether they be moving or still.

What's most important is the story they tell.

I'm ready and excited to be working with you on your next project!
CONTACT +61 (0)430 363381 Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia

available internationally
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