TV Commercial Assignment

For my TV Commercial assignment, I had decided to do a mattress commercial. You can see the final product below

Wild-Thing Mattresses – for the -best- night’s sleep Synopsis
The scene opens with the frenetic jiggling of the door handle, the fumbling of keys, and banging sounds – whoever is on the other side of the door wants to get in, in a hurry.

As the door bursts open, the couple fall in and push themselves up against the closest thing possible – clearly absorbed in a deep, loving and passionate kiss.
The keys drop to the floor.
The door is kicked shut, and blindly they fumble their way towards the bedroom, entangled in each others embrace, but they only make it as far as the hallway as he pushes her up against the wall for yet another deep, loving kiss.
Energy in the room is palpable as they struggle to get their shoes off without untying the laces, and while he partially succeeds by removing one shoe, she manages to slip out of her heels as they fly against the wall opposite.
He’s had enough – so he picks her up and wraps her legs around his waist, and carries her, still in one shoe to the bedroom, gently letting her down at the threshold as they look hungrily into each others eyes.
She unbuttons his shirt, slowly at first and then impatiently rips the last buttons open – the shirt falls to the floor as we see his chest rapidly heaving with excited breath and anticipation.

Looking deeply into each others eyes, they walk backwards to the bed, and both hit the pillow at the same time.
Instantly, they fall straight asleep, partially clothed, but completely absorbed by the comfort of their ‘Wild-Things’ mattress. A look of satisfaction is evident on their fully asleep but blissfully unconscious faces.
A voice appears in the room – “Wild-Thing Mattresses – for the best nights sleep”

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